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If It Doesn’t Make You Happy, Ditch It
If it's not making you happy then let it go. There's a meme, probably several, that reiterate that sentiment in some form (see one at...
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Love Gone Sideways: A Throw & A Turn Of Events
It's been a little while since my last post. I haven't stopped knitting and designing, but life went a little sideways. As it does from...
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Surviving The Boyfriend Sweater Curse
The sweater is done! I've never made a dude a sweater before, so this is kinda huge. Really huge is the fact I finished and...
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Making Love: A Sweater WIP
I broke and ordered a sweater kit from Wool And The Gang. It's just better to not resist. Anyway, they were running a sale and...
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Oyster Bay: A Knit Shawl Pattern
Oyster Bay is a chunky weight knit shawl pattern from Fiddle Knits Designs. Worked in MeriPaca yarn from We Are Knitters.
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Go For Faux Yarn
If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably noticed I've been posting photos of a fur yarn. It's called Go For Faux and it's sold...
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