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One Thing Down
Rick finally had his surgery! If you've been following along with me on Instagram (@FiddleKnitsDesigns) you may have noticed a bit of a lull in...
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When 80 Blankets Turned Into 125
If you've been following along with my #80Blankets posts then you already know a piece of my story. In case this is our first meeting, let me...
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Wedding Blankets: My Go-To Stitch
One stitch pattern in particular has become my go-to, my buddy, my best friend and it's the wavy chevron. It's classic ripple stitch goodness that...
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80 Blankets: Pineapples In Stripes
This blanket was born as a variation of the original 80 Blankets: Pineapples I did previously. I loved the allover look of the pineapple stitches,...
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80 Blankets: Pineapples
Follow along with the blanket on my Instagram feed @FiddleKnitsDesigns and using the hashtag #80Blankets The yarn combination on this one might seem a little...
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80 Blankets: Sparkling Velvet Waves
What a luscious combination! If you love sparkles and a little bit of velvet than you'll love this pairing of Lion Brand Vel-Luxe and Winter...
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