WIP Wednesday: 10/15/14

Cardi WIPSo. Many. WIPs!
I need to have a frog it or finish it session ASAP.
I decided to be Velma (from Scooby Doo) for Halloween and knit a pair of knee socks and a sweater. I immediately dyed the yarn and cast on for the socks. Then I thought, well, I should get the sweater going too so I can work on that at home and take the socks with me to knitting meet ups and on the Rhinebeck bus trip this Saturday. I almost cast on for it, but I stopped and looked at my project bag which currently holds:

  • a fingering weight hat
  • worsted weight cardigan
  • Bonnie’s Wish Shawl
  • November/Topaz shawl
  • Velma socks

Yeah…… I think I need to finish something before I let myself start another project. Since I’m going to be starting a sweater I figured the most logical choice was to finish the current sweater WIP, so I’ve been [almost] monogamously knitting that.

This sweater is currently nameless. It’s part of a sweater collection that will be debuting in early 2015. I needed to get a collection going that wasn’t shawls. I’m getting really shawled out.

I’m using my Andante worsted weight yarn for this project. I dyed 5 skeins in the Diamond colorway. They don’t all match. (Gotta love hand dyed yarn). I didn’t realize that 4 of the skeins have a bluer hue to them than the one I started with. As soon as I noticed I started working from multiple skeins to blend the colors together. The entire bottom is still obviously one color and the top gets bluer, but I think I faded them together pretty well. We’ll see how it looks when it’s actually on.

Since this design is really very simple, I figured I could knit on it while I was sick last week. Not such a good idea. I placed one of the buttonholes way too close to the edge and just noticed it last night. So I performed some surgery.

Sweater Surgery


Dropped down to the problem spot, put the stitches on a circular (so I could work RS rows only and didn’t have to move the piece), and started putting it back together. About halfway up I noticed I’d done 3 purl stitches in a row (instead of 2 for the 2×2 rib), so I dropped just that stitch back down and worked it back up as a knit so I could finish. Dropping within dropping.


And then it was all better! There’s one stitch in the buttonhole that’s kinda shaky looking, but 1) it’ll be hidden by the button and 2) I can always stitch over it after to tighten it up if it’s really bothering me.

So that’s about it. I probably won’t get to do much knitting today. Need to finish up the large size pattern for the Pink Tourmaline shawl. I didn’t dare try and work on it while I was sick. It would have been full of mistakes!