Making garments for myself has always been something of a gamble for me. Especially being a designer, I am very aware of gauge and ease and rechecking gauge and blocking and all of those fun things we mostly complain about. However, I don’t think my issues are technical so much as they are mental. I’d hazard a guess that many others struggle with the same thing. What I mean is this, body measurements, body image, and garment fit don’t always all mesh together.

My own weight and body shape has changed drastically over the years, as most people’s tends to do. I’ve bounced back and forth from heavier to thinner to everything in between as my diet and ability to exercise has fluctuated. Now add to this a slightly skewed perspective of how I see myself in the mirror. Sound familiar at all?

For a while I made everything a measurement that I guessed and seemed “right” based on my bra size. I didn’t want to actually measure myself because that idea was too depressing. Most of the time I ended up with garments that could have fit three of me comfortably. I gave away a few sweaters this way.

It’s only been within the past year that I decided to end my break up with a tape measure and get serious. I also measured a few store bought tops that I like the fit of. Turns out I was shooting several inches over the things I liked to wear. I got down to work making sweater in my size finally. It’s rewarding. Being able to gift your knits is fantastic, but it’s different than getting to leave home and strut your stuff in your own handmade wear.

The Avalon top (currently undergoing test knitting) is a good example of knitting to the correct fit (for me in that particular item). I based it off a cropped tea I’d bought. This sweater is so comfortable! I’m glad I took the time to measure and look the numbers straight in the eye. A well fitting garment is (I think) more flattering than an oversized one in most instances. Even if you feel like you can’t hide.

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