Working for a yarn company isn’t all fun and games. There’s plenty of hardcore work to get done, just like any job. But all those perks you might imagine, like an endless supply of yarn and getting to see new colors, yarns, and concepts before they hit the shelves? Yeah. All that is true. And it can be dangerous. Good bye project monogamy.

I started working for Lion Brand about 2.5 years ago. In that time I have abandoned any attempts at maintaining a one-project-only craft-style. The constant access to new yarns and ideas really puts a strain on your faithfulness to a single WIP. Last month I decided to redecorate my living room and a big priority while doing so was storage for my rapidly growing stash. I bought a big basket chest to hold several of my current projects and a large storage ottoman to hide hooks, needles, and notions in.

Some of My Current Favorite Yarns

My current WIP is the squishy pink one in Mako cotton. This yarn and the color pink are both an obsession of mine recently. I’m making a bulky (knit on size 13) open front cardi. Just bound off the first front last night! I expect to be done fairly quickly considering the size of the needles.

Once or twice a week I visit the Product Development and Design departments at work to see the new lines and/or colors coming in. Sometimes I get to swipe a ball or two for swatches. Besides doing the Lion Brand emails I also right the romance copy on all the new products! I have some new ones in my task queue right now! But I can’t tell yet. That’s the hard part!

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