Almost two weeks ago I posted my pattern recipe for the Corner to Corner Garter Stitch Throw. I’m finally on the downward slope working the decreases! Whoop whoop! (When you’re also knitting on like 10,000,000 other things progress is slow.)

I can’t wait to display this colorful beauty on my new blanket ladder. I bought one (but haven’t yet put it together) for when I move to my smaller apartment next month. I want to create a cozy vibe and I figured there’s not much that says cozy more than some hand made blankets. I plan on having them everywhere (the blankets, not the ladders – hehe) for easy access, plus I’ve gone on a blanket binge in the last year.

Originally I was going to use 6 colors of Ferris Wheel yarn. 2 for the increases, 2 for the center even section, and 2 for the decreases. Then I got lazy and decided to just do 5 colors with only 1 in the center even section. A girl can only take so much garter stitch. I was getting impatient. I really wanted to get started on the decreases so I could finish one of my many WIPS. And actually have at least one throw ready to display when I get that ladder put together!

Patterns for my other throws will come along once the yarns are released. 🙂

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