I won this amazing Meri Paca yarn from We Are Knitters (WAK) back in December. They were running a contest over on their Instagram feed and by some miracle my name got picked. I never win anything! (Dont we all say that?)

Originally I thought the yarn would become a cute little short sleeved pullover worked in reverse stockinette on the body with some cable detail on top. I got halfway through the second ball and decided nope, this wasn’t it.

Earlier in the day I went on a little shawl design spree and sketched out 4 new ideas. The Meri Paca yarn seemed like the perfect choice for one of them. So it was tinked back to begin a new journey. I think we’re on the right path now.

I absolutely love the way this yarn is knitting up. WAK may potentially have been elevated to my current favorite yarn company. (I have another project going with their Meri Wool and it is also to die for if you like single ply yarns.)

The shawl in progress is worked from the top down with standard triangle increases. Meaning you will increase on every right side row with wrong side rows being worked as established. The center panel repeat is only 12 rows long (only 6 pattern rows) making it super easy to memorize. I’m finding it to be a great project to work on during my commute.

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