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In the Name

Naming patterns is sometimes the most difficult part. I find myself having designed and worked through an entire pattern and then I sit staring at my computer completely baffled for what to call it. Like right now, I’m working on this cabled stole in Rewind. And what have I been referring to it as?? The Rewind Stole. Not a name that screams “make me!” Plus you can’t use descriptives like stole, shawl, hat, etc. in names on Ravelry, so there’s that to consider.

I used to use a lot of musical inspiration for my pattern and yarn names. These days, though, I find myself drawn to places. Eventually I’ll run out of local spots, but for now I’m finding inspiration in my surroundings. I think it’s because of my daily long train rides to and from NYC. I pass the signs at the station and am reminded of local history and the beauty that surrounds me here on Long Island. (And also of course the really broken down and unloved places too. Life isn’t all puppy dogs and roses.)

I think I might go with the name “Forest Hills” on this particular design. Yet another stop along the LIRR. And when I run out of LI places I’ll just have to go on vacation for name inspiration from other locales. 😬

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Knit it, Drop it

Rewind. It’s one of the new [gasp] acrylic yarns I cant stop playing with. Lightweight, yet speedy quick and bulky. Interesting and fun, but not expensive. This yarn has been keeping my imagination rolling in high gear.

I’m working on a very repetitive cable and drop stitch stole. I envision it being worn walking along a beach on a cool Summer night. Draped over bare shoulders to ward of that chill coming in off the water.

Ok. Two things — I might be slightly romantic. Also, I’m in desperate need of a vacation. I’m thinking somewhere I can put this vision into action.

I frogged this design a couple times over the weekend until I got the arrangement of stitches I was happy with. There is a leaf motif as the center focal point and I was having some trouble making up my mind how best to show it off. I ended up asking Rick’s opinion. (So if you guys hate it we can blame him. Hehe. Also, we’re moving in together in July! It’s good he gets used to being a sounding board for my designs now. Give him a taste of what he’s in for 24/7 😂)

I cannot wait for this design, along with the ZZ Top shell, Rewind raglan, and Flikka shawl to all be wrapped up. Beach photo shoot here I come! 💛

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Finding Inspiration

Creativity can’t be turned on with the push of a button. Not for me anyway. I wish that were the case. I could never come up with anything worthwhile under the gun, so to speak. My design method always involved putting the yarn I wanted to use within sight and waiting for an idea to spark. Sometimes it was an explosion and other times a slow sizzle. In the case of the past several months it hasn’t even sputtered. Lots of stuff happening within my personal private life.

Fairisle mittens

I know it kinda sorta looks like I was designing for Knit Picks because a few patterns were published with them. However, I turn designs in to KP just about a year before they reach the public eye, so all those patterns were done well before I stepped back from designing. The In Rhythm hats came out as planned until I reached the point where all the patterns I’d done were out and I crashed into that wall of not designing.

Fair isle hat

Sometime in the Fall I started to really miss designing and the inspiration started coming back. Life stopped being completely upside down and I started crawling out of my funk. I know I’m being vague, purposely, nobody needs to hear my whining. Ha!

So anyway, I truly wish over those last few years of designing I hadn’t let it spiral out. When designing was under control and flowing and test knits were organized and patterns were checked and it was a small, but well maintained and oiled machine life was good. I enjoy seeing people knitting my creations. Just for the joy of it. Slowly, slowly with tiny cautious baby steps I’m crawling back to that. Not the crazy wacky can’t keep a handle on my sh*t where I ended up. I’ve been taking stock of what needs to get done to be 100% where everything needs to be. Obviously step one is posting those last In Rhythm hats. After that I’ll tackle a cardigan finally. Probably in Knit Picks yarn and it will get sent to everyone that purchased Woodland Wylde, despite the fact I already refunded purchasers the missing cardi pattern, I’d still like to publish a design.

After those items are off the table I’ll proceed as I have in the last weeks. Posting progress shots, talking about the designs, and when they’re done I’ll upload them. (The shawls and blankets and such that I’m posting aren’t coming out before the In Rhythm hats wrap up. They may come out before the cardi, though, as progress on that hasn’t yet begun. It was an idea that only popped back up for me last night. I do have a few very basic things on the way that will show up before the final two IN a Rhythm designs are listed.) No preordering or yarn dyeing or anything that involves potential missed deadlines and disappointments. The path of less stress. For everyone.

Knit hat

And oh my, oh my how the inspiration does come back when you find your happy place again.