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Cables and Ribs In Rhythm

I’m working to get you the next (#11) In Rhythm hat! Knitting is being done with Knit Picks City Tweed Aran/HW and US size 8 needles. The design is a series of cable twists worked over a ribbing. I’m thinking I will put a Pom on top, completely optional, of course. My current favorite hats, though, are all finished off with a good Pom. Who doesn’t love a Pom? (I know the answer is lots of people. Haha.)

Knit hat

Needles and Leaves (above) is my favorite hat to wear that I’ve ever made. Im actually wearing it right now! I’d take a selfie, but i don’t want to be “that person” on the train!

The current (as of yet unnamed) In Rhythm design kind of has a similar feel to Needles and Leaves with the cable rib type pattern and an Aran weight yarn.

We’re getting close to the end of this collection! Then we can move onward with some new things. I cannot wait to delve back into more shawls and I have gotten pretty hooked on doing more sweaters.

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Done and loaded! Pattern #10 from In Rhythm was released on Ravelry.

Montgomery is knit in Brava Sport from Knit Picks on US size 4 needles. Although it is a fairly heavily patterned design I found that it moved relatively quickly off my needles. That happens for me sometimes. Basic patterns seem to drag because of the monotony, but more complex designs move fast because I want to see what comes next.

This design was named for the song Angel from Montgomery after someone mentioned to me that the pattern panel looked like a snow angel. Completely an accident, but I’ll take it.


There are 2 more designs coming from the In Rhythm collection. One is a multicolored striping thing using Knit Picks Swish DK and the other uses City Tweed Aran. Stay tuned! I’ll get them up as soon as I can.

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Next Up Will Be

I was able to snap some photos of the Psychedelic Sundaze hat yesterday. We had to move fast. It was freezing out there! How did we have nearly 60 degree weather at the end of last week and the weekend went back down to 10 and windy? Dearest Mother Nature, it’s not nice to tease like that!

The actual hat pattern isn’t quite ready yet, but the photos bring it a step closer! Yarn used is Knit Picks Galerie in the “Psychedelic” Color way.

As is my tendency to do, I made the house somewhat slouchy. And also as I like to mention, you can adjust the length according to your personal style preferences.

This one is a simple pattern meant to let the amazing colors of Galerie do their thing. The yarn reminds me of a Noro-type yarn. The colors are great, but it’s not the softest stuff in the world.

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In Rhythm: The Final Designs

As I mentioned yesterday, the In Rhythm hat collection got [hugely] delayed, but not forgotten. I’m still plugging away at the designs and will get them out as quickly as possible. My model (aka my sister) is coming to visit on Sunday and I plan on snapping some photos of finished designs so I can hurry up and complete them already.

This morning on my commute I’m working on one of the hats in question. I’m very close to the crown decrease, so this should end up photographed Sunday as well.

The yarn is Knit Picks Brava Sport in the “Almond” color. Brava is a great no-worry yarn. It’s 100% acrylic, which means it’s easy to care for and safe for sensitive skin. There is a light shine to the yarn. Needles are US size 4. The design Knits up surprisingly fast considering the stitch patterning and small needles.

I find I often work faster with this combo (moderate stitch pattern and smaller needles). My hands have the easiest time manipulating needles between sizes US 3 and US 8. And the semi-detailed stitching is enough to keep me interested and not put me to sleep. Does anyone else sometimes use a stockinette or garter stitch project to put themselves to bed?

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Touching Base on In Rhythm

2017 brought about a lot of changes in my world. Some endings. Some beginnings. It was both exciting as terrifying. In the beginning I wasn’t sure how I would possible make it through. But there’s always a way if you look and try hard enough. That being said, it was a crazy, crazy ride. And here we are in 2018!

I stepped away from Fiddle Knits almost entirely during 2017. There was a hat collection happening, which became delayed (much like the LIRR that I now commute in every day for work). It’s still happening. I have 2 more designs to finish before it’s complete and 2 more that are done but I need to photograph on my model (whom I now live an hour away from). I will have those 2 finished designs up and out within the week along with a note to everyone waiting the completion of the collection (as per my original agreement you can choose to be refunded for the late designs, or trust that they will indeed come though they are late. More info will be in the email sent specially to purchasers of the collection to whom the information is relevant).

Note: all photos in post are WIPs from the In Rhythm collection.