The granny square; a crochet motif that will be around forever.

I learned how to make granny squares 20 years ago when I started crocheting, and they existed long before that and recently I’ve been noticing a resurgence of them on Instagram. I’m taking up my own hook and jumping on the granny square bandwagon. And why not? They’re fun and a great way of using scraps!

The Sunflower Granny

I wrote up a free pattern on how to work the sunflower granny square for the Lion Brand notebook. It has a photo breakdown to go with each round of the pattern. I’ve had a few requests for how to work the petal puffs (yellow rounds), so I’ll be working on that in the next week or so.

I used Lion Brand’s recycled cotton yarn, Re-Up. With a coordinating back worked in single or half double crochet this sunflower square could easily become a potholder. In another yarn you could make several squares and stitch them together for a blanket.

Lion Brand re-up yarn granny square

I was hoping to make a bunch of these sunflower squares and join them together, but the yarn had different ideas. I love the colors of the Re-Up yarn together, but since I’m not generally a cotton fan, I wasn’t feeling like continuing to work with it. I’d recommend Re-Up for kitchen and bath items. Think potholders, rugs, bath mats, chair pads, etc. It’s not the soft kind of cotton I’d personally recommend for garments or wearable accessories.

Re-Up yarn from Lion Brand

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