There’s a whole lot of not going out happening right now. Stay off mass transit, stay away from crowds…. The silver lining, if you can find one, is getting a lot of crocheting and knitting done.

We just got word that our food tasting for the wedding has been canceled due to coronavirus concerns. It was scheduled early, for this Sunday, when we originally had our wedding set for September. Since we pushed our date back to December I’m not too upset about the tasting being canceled now, we should be fine doing it in the Fall, but I do feel for anyone whose date is this Spring/early Summer. Forget the tasting, what are people doing about Spring weddings?? So much time, sweat, and tears (and money!) go into a wedding to not have it go right. I’m guessing there will be a number of changed wedding dates happening.

Anyway, the good stuff. I’m doing a lot of knitting and crocheting! I’ve got my bulky chunky fan stitch blanket in mystery yarn going as well as a square corner-to-corner knit blanket in Lion Brand’s Stitchbird yarn. I’m loving both of these projects. I actually might be able to finish both blankets this weekend. In what world have I ever gotten two blankets started and finished in one week? That’s unheard of. For me anyway.

I hope all of you out there are staying safe, happy, and busily stitching!

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