Adyson Afghan

Life has temporarily changed quite a bit in the last week or so. As many people as can are staying home. Companies have their employees working remotely if they’re lucky. I’m one of those lucky ones. We’ve been having daily video calls and chatting via Microsoft Teams.

And when I’m not working I’m stitching. Without being able to go to the gym or go out socially, that leaves a lot of extra time. I’ve made 3 blankets this week. Yup. Three. My latest one was the Adyson Afghan by Lion Brand. It calls for Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Bonus Bundle®, but I’m using random yarns I have around the house, and I didn’t have WETQ. Instead I used a somewhat inappropriate yarn, Mako Cotton and doubled it. The blanket stitch is open and lace-like. The yarn is a soft brushed cotton. It’s a good blankie to ward off a Spring chill or use on a chilly Summer night.

I didn’t have enough of any color to hold two of the same together, so I mixed white and pale gray. It came out very pretty. And it worked up in about 24 hours. I’m pleased. I’ve moved on to my next WIP, another blanket. (I’m crazy) using Color Made Easy yarn. So far the stitch pattern on the CME blanket isn’t as intuitive as the Adyson afghan was. We’ll see how it goes after a few more rows.

The Adyson Afghan in Lion Brand Mako Cotton (held double)

Stay positive. We got this.

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