I’ve heard of We Are Knitters for a while now. And have been eyeing their yarn for months. However, I’m practicing restraint (or at least I was for a little while) on buying yarn that I know I don’t have the time to use. Especially expensive yarn. Even though my fingers were itching to feel the fine fibers. And then the holiday sales hit. And then the Christmas bonus came. And my enabling friend saying buy it, it’s on sale, you’ll regret not buying it! And I listened, because she was right. And man and I glad I caved.

I bought enough skeins of The MeriWool in Sprinkle Pink to knit a basic stockinette raglan pullover. I opted to go at it from the top down because I really enjoy watching the shaping happen that way. (Also i love the confusion on non-knitters faces when you try explaining you’ve starring at the neckline and these little extra parts will be sleeves.)

The color of the yarn is gorgeous, so stockinette was the clear choice to let it shine. I plan on making this my train project, at least until I get to the sleeves and it becomes awkward in a crowded commuter train. Photos and a pattern when it’s done! Whenever that might be.

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