Spin Around the World

Spin Around the WorldI had an idea!

Let’s knit a scarf/wrap worked from yarns that were spun by folks around the world. Here’s what I was thinking…

We spin up some yarn, separate it into smaller increments, ship it all to me, and I send you back the same amount of yarn (in weight) spun by folks from all over the world. So you end up with several unique yarns. We will then work the yarns into a project and have some very unique pieces that traveled the world.

I’m going to coordinate the yarns and where they go, so everything will get shipped to me and from me. This way you won’t have to give your address to a bunch of people or pay for shipping to everyone participating. I will open registration via my website. The listing will be $2 (have to cover the listing/transaction fee). Each quantity of “1” that you select is signing you up to spin (and receive) 8 ounces of handspun yarn. Pick your quantity and check out. At check out you will be charged shipping. This covers the cost of me sending you your Around The World yarn. You will be in charge of the cost to ship your original package to me. You may purchase the fiber you plan to spin anywhere.

The Steps

  • Decide to participate (because you know you want to!)
  • Sign up via my website registration page
  • Select how much yarn you want to send in/receive (“1” equals 8 ounces)
  • Purchase your fiber from anywhere. It doesn’t have to be Fiddle Knits fiber.
  • Spin up your sport, DK, or worsted weight yarn (it’s ok if it varies between these weights, just don’t let it get too thin or bulky) and weigh it out into the required 1 ounce increments. (You’ll need a scale to participate. I use one purchased from Knit Picks.)
  • Ship your yarn to me by April 15 (Please include a note stating if you have dogs or cats, or if you’re allergic to either so I can keep yarns separate.) Please also have your yarn labeled with the fiber blend and who it’s spun by. For example mine might say: “80% merino/20% silk, spun by Erica on Long Island” It doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be a hand written tag (just write legibly!). Do it up however simple or fancy you would like.
  • After you mail your yarn, email me letting me know it’s coming (
  • In the email include a photo of a place from where you live. Somewhere you like to sit and spin or a pretty place you visit or a famous landmark. Anything near you. And write a few short sentences about the place and/or why you picked it. Also let me know how you would like to be identified (first name or Ravelry name, no full names.)
  • I will put together a package for you with little bundles of yarn spun around the world. (This is the shipping cost you paid at registration.)
  • Once all the yarn packs are mailed back I will take the photos everyone emailed me and put them in a newsletter and show your photo, a photo of the yarn you sent, and where in the world you’re from with your little description of your photo. This way we will be able to see where in the world our yarns have traveled.

Make sure the fiber you send is free of smells that might be offensive. Any yarn smelling of smoke or strong perfume will be returned to the sender voiding their participation in the swap. 

I will be creating a thread in my Ravelry group for the Around the World yarns after I receive and send out all of the yarn. I don’t want any spoilers popping up! There will be a link to the thread in the newsletter that goes out. Once you receive your yarn box feel free to post photos in the group. Once everyone receives their yarn we will be casting on for a scarf/wrap KAL (size of you piece will depend on how much yarn you opted to spin). I will have up a simple [free] pattern to show off the yarn.

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