crochet doily

Today is the day that should have been the tasting for our wedding menu. Postponed due to coronavirus concerns. Disappointing, but understandable. We’re lucky we have plenty of time we can always do our tasting in the Fall. But since today was initially slated to be a day dedicated to wedding things, I’m putting some time into plotting and planning from home. Tackling the DIY aspects and creating more projects for myself than I need. (I’m an ace at that.)

It’s time to crack down on these doilies if I’m really going to have them in my wedding centerpieces.

As this process is going along, I’m reminded that I’m not very fast with doily crochet. Way back in the day when I learned I made a bunch of them from Aunt Lydias thread. Then I stopped because holding a small crochet hook hurt my hands.

The first one… Must crochet faster

The first doily I’m making is this one that I found a link to on Pinterest. I’m using Lion Brand Merino Silk Cotton and a size E/3.5mm hook. Yes, FIRST doily. I haven’t made it past #1. I have 271 days until the wedding. That gives me roughly 18 days per doily to finish the next 15. The procrastinator in me just rejoiced at that math.

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