I am super excited to announce that today I had two designs go live on the Lion Brand website yesterday as kits. I’ve never published with Lion Brand before, so this is something new. The designs themselves are also a little outside my typical realm in that they’re super chunky and I tend to gravitate toward thinner yarns.

Both designs are scarves and use LB Collection Jumbo Alpaca. If you’re unfamiliar, Lion Brand’s LB Collection focuses on higher end and natural fibers. A little different than the Lion Brand yarn selection you might find at your local Michaels or Walmart. You can only get LB Collection yarns via LionBrand.com or at the LBY Studio (34 West 15th Street, New York, NY).

Jumbo alpaca scarf

One of the designs, Weave and Spin, uses the Jumbo Alpaca in conjunction with one of my favorite Lion Brand yarns: Woolspun (or more properly it’s actually called Lion’s Pride Woolspun, but that name is just way too long). The crochet framework is done using the lighter weight Woolspun. Once that is complete I used lengths of Jumbo Alpaca to weave through the open stitches. All the warmth of the yarn without too much bulk. I found straight crochet with this yarn to be too much.

The second scarf is knit entirely with two hanks of Jumbo Alpaca. My favorite bit about this one is the giant poms. I made them first so I could keep knitting until I ran out of yarn. Turns out that produces a very long scarf. (For reference I am 5’6″)

Lion Brand was the first yarn I ever used when I started knitting, so it was pretty cool to see my designs become part of their kit lineup! 😍

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