faux fur cowl pattern

Last winter (2018) I discovered Go For Faux (GFF) at work (Lion Brand). It’s sooooo soft and I loved it immediately despite the shedding (which seems to have improved since I handled the protocol samples). Fast forward about a year and now we have the jumbo version. Queue up everything in Go For Faux Thick & Quick (GFF TQ).

Regular GFF is worked on knitting needles sizes 13-15. The jumbo version calls for the spear-sized US 35 needles. Seriously, these things look more like small daggers than knitting needles. Projects get done in no time flat. Wielding the size 35s can be a little cumbersome and actually slows me down enough that working with 35 vs 17 or 19 is about the same speed for me. That’s ok. It’s still crazy fast.

Normally I’m not a big fan of novelty yarns, but this stuff I give the thumbs up. Maybe because it works up as less of a novelty “yarn” and more of just a faux fur fabric. Stitches are completely blurred, but the point isn’t the stitches. This stuff is fun, funky, cuddly, and warm. And since this fur is 100% polyester it’s easy to wear and wash. (Just lay it flat to dry. The weight of the fabric will stretch out the shape if it’s hung up.)

So my first project using Go For Faux Thick & Quick was this cowl, which looks like a Snowy Owl to me. Hence the name. I made it one evening and wore it out the next day. I made the 30″ circumference. It used 2.75 balls of the main color (Baked Alaska) and the entire ball of the coordinating color (Husky). After I was finished and tried the cowl on I thought I could have made the 24″ size and been happy. The 30″ droops a bit, so if you leave it relaxed you may see some of the WS of the fabric. This is not stranded, so the WS is pretty neat (I used slip stitches – mosaic knitting – to create the speckled effect.

Faux Fur Snowy Owl Cowl


For the larger size I used all of the CC (Husky) skein. If your gauge is any larger than that stated in the pattern you may run out of this skein. If you fear this could be an issue, but don’t want to sacrifice length on the cowl then knit an extra round of MC before the first round of CC and after the last round of CC.

Working at gauge, the smaller size will use all of the 2 balls of Baked Alaska, you may wish to have a 3rd ball as a reserve, or be prepared to lose a little length.

Slip all stitches as if to purl.


  • Yarn: Go For Faux Thick and Quick – 2 (3) in MC (Baked Alaska) and 1 in CC (Husky) – SEE NOTES ABOVE
  • Needles: Size US 35 circular knitting needles (29”)
  • Gauge: 4 sts = 4” in stockinette
  • Finished Size: 24 (30)” circumference x 12″ high

Faux Fur cowl in Lion Brand Yarn Go For Faux Thick & Quick

Cast on 24 (30) sts and join for working in the round.

Rnd 1: (MC) knit

Rnd 2: (CC) *k1, slip 1; rep from * to end of rnd

Rnds 3 & 4: (MC) knit

Rnd 5: (CC) *slip 1, k1; rep from * to end of rnd

Rnd 6 & 7: (MC) knit

Work rnds 2-7 another 3 times ending the last repeat with rnd 6.

Loosely bind off all stitches.


  • CC = coordinating color
  • K = knit
  • MC = main color
  • RND = round
  • ST(S) = stitch(es)

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