I used to design a lot of things with very complex patterning. Mostly shawls. They required you to be following a chart pretty much at all times. These are like alone time projects. I don’t have that type of focused stitching time any more. So as my lifestyle has changed I’ve become more a fan of the semi simple project. These are the type that are easily memorized or intuitive, but not boring. Where that line is will be different for everyone. To me it’s like the shawl I just completed that increases at an even rate and I can clearly count the purl ridges to know when to work an eyelet patch. Or the new pullover I’m working on with a very basic stitch pattern that’s just a little more than doing the same old stockinette or garter stitch. I want projects I can work on while watching TV or carrying on a conversation. Multitasking is essential!

I’m testing out new yarns for work so I can write romance copy and omg! Some of them are really nice.Unfortunately that’s all I can really say on the subject. Sorry 😀 But if they pass the test…. Look for a few new things. I mean, there’s always new things coming out. Especially at JOANN. Check there for the latest (usually).

Besides yarn, wedding planning is coming along nicely. My dress is picked and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s nothing like I thought I wanted. I actually didn’t even pick it to try on. I had a dressing room filled with like 20 other dresses and the attendant selected this dress for me. I made a face because I said it wasn’t my style, but they asked me to please try it. Turns out they were right! The style of this dress sent me down a whole different direction for wedding style and theme. I changed the bridesmaids from shades of rose and burgundy to pale blue, white, and gold.

We’ve done so much, but there’s always more to do! We picked a DJ though! Next we need a florist. The last one we met with gave us a $6k quote. Ummmm….. My centerpieces aren’t even that big! So we’re meeting with another florist next week. Fingers crossed it’s a little less!

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