I live on Long Island. (Non-locals, note that it is ON Long Island. If you say IN Long Island you will immediately be declaring yourself a non-native LIer.) To get to work (at the Lion Brand offices) I commute on the wonderful Long Island Railroad, aka the LIRR (say it, “the LI double R”). I take the express train in both directions, so it only makes the easternmost stops, but I still know, pass, or see notices for many other stations as I move from zones 1 through 10.

I decided it would be fun to name designs after these station stops. At some point in the future when I’m done I may gather them all up into a collection or pattern bundle.

I already have a few patterns that fit this, including the Oyster Bay shawl and Forest Hills wrap. I’m adding to these with my recent sweater design in We Are Knitters The Wave yarn and dubbing it Kew Gardens.

That squishy pink cardigan you’ve been seeing knit in Lion Brand’s Mako Cotton has finally been named. It will be Floral Park, fitting itself into this Riding The LIRR design bundle.

All I have left to do on this cardigan is the back. I’m saving it as my commute design for now. Which means at home I get to start a new design! I cast on last night with some of the new Touch of Cashmere from Lion Brand. It’s soft. Mostly acrylic. I’m interested to see how both these yarns (Touch of Cashmere and Mako cotton) hold up in a sweater since they’re so soft. Unfortunately sometimes these soft-to-the-touch yarns pill too fast.

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