Review: Knitter’s Pride Carbonz

Knitter’s Pride Karbonz Circulars
Rating: *** (3 out of 5)
Price (at $14.95

Description on the package: “The New Age Needles – made from high-tech carbon fiber. Carbon Fiber: One of the most versatile materials used in the manufacture of the new generation air crafts, space ships, automobiles, etc.!! In the KARBONZ needles, you will find: High tensile strength, low weight, lots of flexibility, warm feel, and a surface that helps the stitches move smoothly on the needle!!”

First Impressions: My first thought upon unwrapping the package and finding these needles was on how they looked. The metal tip against the black carbon fiber needle is really sleek. Pair that with a slim black cable and the entire package comes across as modern and clean. I was eager to use these and kept them close by waiting for the appropriate moment.

Knitting with Karbonz: I decided to use these needles for my current design project, a bottom up cardigan using Knit Picks Imagination yarn (a fingering weight blend of merino, baby alpaca and nylon), which I already had going. I’d cast on using Knit Picks Harmony needles in size 4 and had intentions of going down a needle size for the waist shaping. This was perfect because the Karbonz I got are a US 3 (3.25mm). Motivated by the new needles I began knitting faster so I could make the switch. I knit the stitches off the larger needle and onto the smaller Karbonz. I was disappointed immediately. The join at the top of the needles between the metal tip and the carbon fiber isn’t smooth enough. I can feel my yarn snag slightly with every stitch. It doesn’t get stuck, but it definitely interrupts the flow of knitting with light tugs every time the yarn slides over the join. I’m still using the needles on the project (because I’m currently away from home and they’re the only size 3s I have with me), but I’m not liking it and I can’t wait to switch back to the larger Knit Picks Harmony needles.

If the join at the tip could be fixed then these needles would be amazing. As the packaging says, they’re light and the cable is seriously flexible. I actually really like everything about the needles except that darn join at the tip. The base of the needle also has a join where it turns to metal before the cable, but that bit doesn’t give me any issues.

Pros: Lightweight, feels good in the hands, super flexible cable, nice appearance.

Cons: Join at the tip isn’t smooth.

Final Thoughts: If you have any way of trying them before you buy them then I say take the opportunity. I personally won’t be buying a pair unless that join gets fixed. I’m really disappointed to be saying that because I was hoping I’d fall in love and already had a set of the dpns in my cart.

*The yarn in this review was received complimentary from the manufacturer for test knitting & designing purposes. Reviewer was not otherwise paid, contracted, or obligated to review the yarn or product in this review. 

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