ribbing in cashmere yarn

You know that feeling when all your projects feel stale and unappealing? I’ve been struggling with that these past few weeks. To the point where I’ve barely been knitting or crocheting because none of it excites me. I wanted to start something new and exciting, but there was too much unfinished project guilt looming over me. So what’s a girl to do? Go through all my bags of unfinished projects and start sending them down to the frog pond.

I cleaned out several projects bags and got about 2 unfinished sweaters, a blanket, 2 hats, and a pair of socks out of the way. Once that was finished I promptly pulled out my stitch dictionaries and a fresh ball of yarn and sat down to start designing a new sweater. And it felt so damn good.

There are still more UFOs lurking in corners. I’m going to find them and send them on their way. If they haven’t seen the light of day in months there’s really no saving them. Some I started to design and now have no idea where the project notes went. The train of thought long since derailed.

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