A Latte Can Happen


A Latte Can Happen was first released as a mystery shawl knit-along. It is a top down design with a knit on border. Part of the Coffee Shop Collection.


The sample shawl was worked in a single color of Fiddle Knits Polka Sock yarn (4 skeins/400 grams) and used 1,444 yards.

This design can be worked as a 2-color shawl if desired with the body in one color and the border in another color. If you decide to take this route refer to the breakdown of yarn use below to determine how much yardage of each color to purchase. Please take note that sections 1–4 (the main body) will essentially use all of 2 Polka Sock skeins. If you are worried about gauge and don’t want to play yarn chicken it is advisable that you have a 3rd skein in the main body color.

Section 1: 44 grams (176 yards)
Section 2: 48 grams (192 yards)
Section 3: 46 grams (184 yards)
Section 4: 61 grams (244 yards)
Section 5: 162 grams (648 yards)

Yarn for a Two-Color Shawl:
Color A (Sections 1–4): 199 grams / 796 yards; Color B (Section 5): 162 grams / 648 yards

You will want to make sure not to run out of yarn before the end of section 4 changing colors at any point before the end of the main body will result in cutting through the cable flow with a color change.

Remember that cables eat through a lot of yarn. Also, your style of working cables will impact how much yarn you use. I personally find I get varying yardage results when cabling with or without a cable needle since I end up pulling the yarn differently.


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