Rick finally had his surgery!

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram (@FiddleKnitsDesigns) you may have noticed a bit of a lull in my posting activity recently. It’s been a little crazy around here. Rick finally had his surgery on June 29. It was a long 6 months of waiting for that day to finally come. His new joints were ready back in April, but with COVID-19 locking us all down the surgery date kept getting postponed. But now it’s done! About 5 more weeks before he can chew soft foods, 8 weeks until he can move his face more normally (like raise his eyebrows or smile), 2-3 months until he feels *almost* normal, and 5+ months to be considered fully healed and eating without restrictions.

The first week he was home from the hospital (July 1) my time was divided between taking care of him (he couldn’t sit up unassisted and still can’t walk without help), making lots of pureed foods (still have plenty of weeks to go!) and balancing work in there also. Now that we’re closing in on the 2-week mark things have fallen into a more relaxed rhythm. Still crazy, but it’s more normal. Which means I have more energy and focus to work on my projects.

I currently have two #125WeddingBlankets in the works. One uses Lion Brand Turnstyles yarn in 8 colors and the other uses a brand new Lion Brand yarn called Mandala® Watercolors in Almond and Wild Pansy. Both blankets are crochet and both use a variation of the chevron stitch.

The Turnstyles blanket is my Go-To pattern (with a 9mm hook). The Mandala® Watercolors I’m working a more solid chevron with sharper peaks. The pattern is super simple. When the blanket is done I’ll make a separate post.

And now back to my Sunday morning coffee and crochet before the fur babies and my patient wake up!

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