I finished the bag in time for Mother’s Day!

I added in a contrast color for the edging and used faux leather handle instead of crocheting one. Other than that the bag is as written by Lakeside Loops in her Miller Bag pattern. (Kit available on LionBrand.com)

One criticism of the pattern is there was no stitch gauge listed, only row gauge and also no measurement for the piece laid flat before seaming. I crocheted until my fabric was as wide as the original (which I figured out by dividing the total number of called for rows by her per inch row gauge.) I’m thinking my stitches per inch were larger than they should have been. I had to pull at the fabric a bit to get it all lined up. Super cute bag shape though!

Of course mom loved it. Because I made it. And it doesn’t matter how old your kid gets, or so I’m assuming lol 😇

I find a lot of designs that I love and would make, but don’t usually do so. The bag was a “rule breaker.” It’s really simple and doable if you can work a half double crochet. And if the handle part has you stumped you can always attach a pre-made one.

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