For the past 7 years or so it’s been a tradition for my sister and I to participate in Mind Over Madness, yoga in Times Square. It takes place on the Summer solstice, which has apparently been deemed the international day of yoga.

For some reason I never brought my knitting, but this year I got smarter. We get to set up our mats about a half hour before the class actually starts. I took that time to enjoy sitting on my mat in the middle of Times Square surrounded by the chaos that is NYC and work a few stitches. This is the whole point of doing yoga there as well, to participate in something calming and grounding in a location that is a representation of the opposite.

I think as knitters and crocheters we know how to find that little bit of calm. Or at least we know our yarn can help find it even if we’re not always successful. 😂

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Full time crazy cat lady and yarn addict. Part time designer, musician, & zumba instructor.