Tomorrow is Local Yarn Store Day. If you use yarn then I *highly* encourage you to participate. Why? Because everyone can always use more yarn and I’m an enabler. But also, the LYS is a fading gem and if we want any to be there when we need them then they really need us yarnaholics to show our support.
Yes, shopping online in the comfort of your home in pajamas, no make up, with your furbabies cuddled up to you is very appealing. I’m guilty of spending most of my allotted yarn money in this fashion, especially since I enjoy companies I can’t actually pop in to a store for. (We Are Knitters, Knit Picks, Wool and the Gang) However, it’s a special kind of awesome when you can take your time to browse and
combine your sense of touch with sight and smell for a full yarn experience. Shopping in a store gives you a greater sense of what you can do with your yarn.

OK, so this is a whole bunch of stuff we already know. The main thing? If you like having an LYS handy then go on and let them know, otherwise there’s a good chance they’ll be gone soon. Can’t physically get out? Most stores these days have website and yes, that kind of online shopping counts for supporting your local yarn seller. I’d include local indie dyers as well. Go for it. Celebrate LYS day and enhance that stash. …. And then Knit Faster!

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