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I’m out of practice! I’ve been doing so much crocheting for the #125WeddingBlankets (fingers crossed we can actually have 125 guests at our wedding by June…. but that’s a whole ‘nother tangled ball of stress) that my fingers are out of knitting practice. My stitches are loose! When I first started knitting I had the opposite issue of most beginners. Typically I see newbies strangling their stitches and yanking the yarn so tight a needle might snap. I fell far in the other direction with stitches so loose they glided willy nilly over my needles. And I seem to have regressed. After years of perfecting my tension to be somewhat normal I back in the sloppy knits realm. I know it’s just a matter of a day or even a few hours practice to get back in the rhythm. Like riding a bike, right? (Probably not a good analogy for my clumsy ass that wobbled all over riding a bike. A hazard to myself and oncoming cars. I gave up.)

Lion Brand came out with some new “Touch Of” yarns for their Touch of Luxe collection and they inspired me to cast on for a couple hat designs. Hats were one of my “things” in my design years, so it feels pretty good to be charting cables again.

Design One is in Touch of Yak, which is a very nice yarn despite the questionable name. (Yak? Yes, it’s an animal fiber, but a touch of yak sounds like we just ate something nasty, right?)

The next hat will be in Touch of Angora in this beautiful baby ballet pink. Soft yarn + soft color = a luxurious little hat (it’s a CYC3).

Stay tuned! (But don’t hold your breath because I work pretty slow these days…)

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