The only way to make it through this thing called commuting is to be able to find calm, peace, beauty, and inspiration in little moments. Maybe it’s the early morning quiet while the train is still half asleep, the vivid sunrise out the window, rain gently beating the shell of the train car. Maybe it’s even the loud clamor and throngs of people. I admit, most of the time I’m too tired, rushed, or irritated to see any of it. Today was different. I woke up tired as always, but happy as I started my day reading messages accumulated overnight on my phone. It was snowing and freezing cold. The cats cried as they do when I left. I told them momma would be home later, be good, and out the door I went.

I have never been inside the waiting room of my train station. Usually there is no reason since it’s mere minutes before the train arrives. Today, however, I drove due to the evening’s impending downpour, so I was very early. Look how cute the waiting room is! I have no idea if that wood stove is ever on, but it definitely adds to the aesthetic! And there it was, the calm in the morning rush.

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