Review: Kollage Circular Knitting Needles

Kollage Square Needles

Square circs by Kollage yarns.

Rating: * * * * * (5 out of 5 stars)
Company: Kollage Yarns
Product: Square Circular Needles
Price: $15.50 – $16.50

I had never used square needles before I got these and was quite skeptical of them. The concept seemed too weird. Knitting needles are supposed to be round, right? How could these square ones possibly work and be comfortable? I’ve been all about trying new [knitting related] things these days, so I went into the product test as open minded as I could be. And guess what? Turns out I love these needles!

Firm Vs. Soft Cables
Kollage offers their square circular needles with two types of cables. The K-Kable is very soft. The cable has absolutely no memory. If that doesn’t suit your style then they also have a firm cable (no clever name, just “firm”). This one is more like the standard circular cable. It’s still flexible, but will hold the circular shape.

Originally I got two of the 24″ firm cable circular needles in US sizes 4 and 5. I was so impressed by the needle tips and feel of them in my hand that I went and purchased two more needles (US 5 and 6) in the 40″ length for two lace shawls I was about to cast on. This time I opted to get the flexible K-Kable. In reviews online it seemed that knitters had mixed feelings about the very flexible cable. I hate wrestling with stiff cables while I’m working on lace, so the cable that doesn’t “kink, kurl, or knot” sounded very appealing. I’m happy I went with the k-kable considering I specifically had shawl knitting in mind. However, I can see how people would find the cable too floppy. If I were planning on knitting something in the round (like a sweater) then I would want the firm cable to help hold the piece.

  • Sharp tips
  • Smooth joins
  • Flexible cables

Super pointy tips! The tips are what really got my attention. They’re fabulous for knitting lace, or anything else, but lace is my obsession. The needles themselves are also smooth and the joins are seamless. Both major pros when judging knitting needles.


  • Needle to cable ratio (shorter cable length only)

I ran into one problem with these needles. I have 2 of the 24″ firm cable circulars in sizes 5 (3.75mm) and 6 (4mm). The firm cable is nice and the needle itself is still awesome. However, I wasn’t fond of the needle length in proportion to the cable length. The needle seemed too long to me and I couldn’t comfortably

Kollage square needles are made from high grade aluminum in a titanium color. Folks that like to keep track of where items are made may also enjoy that 100% of the production takes place in the United States.

Other Thoughts
It’s recommended on the Kollage website that you make sure to work a gauge swatch before beginning your project with square needles. Apparently it’s common for knitters to need to go up a size on the squares versus round needles. I knit extremely loose, so I’m hoping using the square needles make my knitting more “normal”.

Kollage makes the same square needles as double points (dpns) and I’m very tempted to buy a few sets. Not that I use dpns all that often, but for the times that I do they’d be nice to have. Currently the only dpns I own are Brittany Birch and, while I liked them as a new knitter years ago, I find they are very blunt and inefficient. The next time I cast on for a hat I’ll probably purchase a set of the Kollage square dpns in the size necessary for the decrease section.

What I really want to know is will there be an interchangeable set? Because if there is then my wallet is going to be in serious trouble!

Another Opinion
My Mom learned to knit about 8 months ago and is currently trying her hand at knitting her first lace shawl (fingering weight yarn). She stopped by a few days ago to get started with me watching over her. The design uses twisted ribbing on the edge. I watched as she struggled with the stitches and then suggested she try using my new Kollage Square Circs. This is her feedback:

I’m a very new knitter. Last week I began my first ever mystery knit-along, which started by casting on 457 stitches. I was using my KnitPicks Sunstruck interchangeable needles, which I love. However, when I started knitting row one, I was having a very difficult time inserting the tip through the back loop of the cast on stitches. It was suggested I switch to Kollage Square needles with the soft K-Kable. Wow, what a difference! As much as I like my KnitPicks needles, the switch to the Kollages made knitting that much easier. The tips are so pointy the needles just slide through the stitch loops with incredible ease. I was awed. Not only did the Kollages make the first row easier, but I found myself more confident as I continued since I no longer needed to concentrate quite as hard to get the needle tip properly through the loop. – Georgianne Jackofsky (GrannySquare on Ravelry)

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