Musical Minds Hat Collection

The Musical Minds Collection was inspired by my boyfriend Chris. The very first handknit gift I made for him was a hat. Over our first Winter together I discovered what he liked and looked for in a knit and his collection of hats began to grow. After a while I realized that there were probably many other knitters out there looking for designs that the men in their life would approve of. Hopefully this collection fills that need. The Musical Minds Collection is divided into two sections: Texture and Color. The first section, Playing with Texture, explores textural stitches and musical techniques. Each design within this section is named for a musical texture technique (Monophonic, Counterpoint, Polyphonic, and Paradiddle) and the pattern begins with its definition within the world of sound. The second section, Playing with Color, also combines knitting and musical techniques. As with the first section, each pattern here (Timbre, Harmonic, Melodic, and Vibrato) will begin with a description of the musical term for which it is named.

Thank You Special thanks goes out to the Karabella Yarn Company for sponsoring this pattern and all other designs that are part of the Musical Minds Collection. Find Karabella online.