I almost completed a new sweater design over this past long weekend. Almost. With all the other end-of-Summer activities I’m surprised I got as far on it as I did. It is on size 13 needles, though, so that plays a huge factor. Big yarn, big needles, big progress.

I’m the The Wave yarn from We Are Knitters. I LOVE it. It’s not the worlds softest yarn, but it’s not scratchy either. If you aren’t a wool person I’m not sure you’d appreciate it. But as I say over and over again; I’m a wool girl!

There isn’t a wide range of color options for The Wave yarn, which is a little disappointing because it’s such a cool yarn with the thick and thin single-ply texture. I ordered during a sale of WeAreKnitters.com and several of the Wave colorways were out of stock. I actually purchased a sweater kit to get the dark grey yarn. It was sold out as individual skeins, but I guess they had kits stashed separate, so I was able to grab some that way.

The sweater I’m making is a pullover in reverse stockinette with a center cable and V-neck on the front piece. It hits at upper hip length, but you can easily extend this. (With more yarn, of course.) I used 5 skeins of The Wave yarn. This prices the design (in size Medium) at about $59.50 (when purchasing a 5-pack yarn bundle from WeAreKnitters.com).

AllI actually have left to do to have a finished sweater is sew the side seams. Hopefully I get that accomplished without it taking longer than it did to knit all the pieces!

Stay tuned for a test knit call! The design name is Kew Gardens. The name is inspired by LIRR station stops on my commute!

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