August is coming to a close. The temps have been noticeably cooler, which means knits have been making more of an appearance; grabbing a cardi to snuggle in or layering on a soft shawl for my commute. With the increased need for warmth comes an intensified desire for knitting time and making all the things. Not that I ever stop knitting even through the hottest days. No, that’s a silly idea.

I just completed the Dockside cardi. (It’s being test knit now!) Even though it’s worked up in a 100% pima cotton it’s still great for the Fall and upcoming cool weather (or for inside during the winter). Since it’s a bulky yarn (Knit Picks Billow) it still has the thick oversized snuggly feel. Plus it’s a very soft thick and thin cotton, not the stringy stiff kind.

Dockside cardigan free knittinglattern in Knit Picks Billow yarn

I’m dreaming of so many new designs. Mostly shawls and cardigans. I’m on a simplicity kick and shying away from complex stitches and shapes. The idea in my head is accessibility and wearability. Designing the kinds of things i want to wear. I have this goal of creating more of my own wardrobe. And this is the time of year it’ll all start paying off! If only I could just knit as fast as my brain designs….

Besides my yarn mojo being in overdrive, I also seem to have developed a strong obsession with the color pink. Where did that come from? I used to have pink! New on the needles is another oversized cardi in Lion Brand Mako cotton held double. Oh the squishy factor!

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