Part of designing is keeping secrets. When you design for self publishing you are free to disclose whatever you feel like about a particular design, obviously. And recently you’ve seen me posting my shawl in We Are Knitters The Meripaca yarn and the final In Rhythm hats along with the snuggly bubble gum sweater. These are all things I’m doing for myself, or self publishing and promotion. And then we have designs like the Snowtime Beanie (below), which I did for Knit Picks. These stay hush hush until publication date. Sometimes you can tease a little leading up to publication and sometimes it’s completely silent until the company launches their product.

Knit beanie hat

Typically (but not always) design work I’ve done with companies happens 6 months to a year before pattern release. A lot of the time I forget I’ve even done the design by the time it appears. There was even one time I designed something for Knit Picks, completely forgot about it, saw it in their Instagram feed, said “hey that’s cool”, followed the link, and then saw my name listed as the designer. Talk about loosing my mind!

Recently on Instagram and Facebook I’ve been going with some teasers of items that will be released with a company. Have you noticed all the Jumbo Alpaca photos (Lion Brand Yarn)?! Well, you’ll get to see the finished products soon! Stay tuned for a promotion this weekend (February 3).

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