2017 brought about a lot of changes in my world. Some endings. Some beginnings. It was both exciting as terrifying. In the beginning I wasn’t sure how I would possible make it through. But there’s always a way if you look and try hard enough. That being said, it was a crazy, crazy ride. And here we are in 2018!

I stepped away from Fiddle Knits almost entirely during 2017. There was a hat collection happening, which became delayed (much like the LIRR that I now commute in every day for work). It’s still happening. I have 2 more designs to finish before it’s complete and 2 more that are done but I need to photograph on my model (whom I now live an hour away from). I will have those 2 finished designs up and out within the week along with a note to everyone waiting the completion of the collection (as per my original agreement you can choose to be refunded for the late designs, or trust that they will indeed come though they are late. More info will be in the email sent specially to purchasers of the collection to whom the information is relevant).

Note: all photos in post are WIPs from the In Rhythm collection.

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Full time crazy cat lady and yarn addict. Part time designer, musician, & zumba instructor.