If it’s not making you happy then let it go. There’s a meme, probably several, that reiterate that sentiment in some form (see one at right). It’s true across many aspects of life, but right now I’m talking knitting projects.

I spent weeks working on a top down raglan using size 2 needles. Those are lots of tiny stitches. It was to be a new design. I even fully wrote up 3 of the 6 sizes for the pattern. I finished knitting the body and the collar edging a few days ago and decided to try it on. The sweater design itself I like. If it was a different yarn.

I used a blend of wool, cotton, & silk. The cotton & silk content meant the yarn was not stretchy at all and was also slightly crunchy. I’ve never been a huge fan of cotton yarns. (although I found one I’m kind of in love with! That post will come in the future.) And this sweater just reinforced that. It’s a flaw in my own knitting more than the yarn, but the beginning of the sweater was knit flat (to form the v-neck) and then joined for the round. Because I have trouble with my wrists and non-elastic fibers, the rows looked wobbly and uneven at the top of the sweater. Then as soon as I joined for the round you could see a noticeable difference as I began to knit every round and no longer needed to purl.

Since this uneven appearance was already bothering me I wasn’t overjoyed when I tried the sweater on. The proportions were right and I like the simplicity of my design (v-neck top down raglan with leaf lace sleeves). I took the sweater off and folded it on my design table. There it sat for a few days. I procrastinated starting a new design feeling obligated to finish the sleeves on this one first. And then I remembered the memes. It’s ok to let it go and move on. Even if you’re almost done. There’s a time for persistence and working things out, but you need to know what to fight for and what to let go. And this project wasn’t worth finishing those tiny stitches all the while knowing I’d never be happy with the fabric and never wear it.

So away that project went and with it’s disposal came relief and excitement for the next new WIP.


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