Designing, designing… I live for this. My brain never lets the designer in me turn off. It’s good and bad. I can’t make it all! I’m thinking of going back to my sample knitters/crocheters. When I had my design business in full swing I’d pay a handful of dependable crafters to whip up the samples for me. It meant more designs could go out, which is how I cracked over 330 published patterns on Ravelry! It’s about 9 years that I’ve been actively designing. The cliche that time flies really is accurate (as so many cliches are).

I spent the weekend working on a crocheted shawl in a yarn I can’t talk about. I’m on a kick of combining yarns, and this one is yet another that fits that bill. The yarns are about a DK/worsted. One is a solid and the other is a multi. A rag type maybe? I paired them accidentally. Both yarns happened to land on my desk at the same time with separate intentions. But once they met I knew they were meant to be. Soul mates! You’ll have to wait until about mid-April before you know what I’m talking about, though. 😬

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