Lion Brand Chainette yarn

Now that the major part of wedding planning is done…. ish (it never ends) and the engagement party is over, I feel like I can put more time back into my knitting and crochet projects. My last post was all about purging the unfinished WIPs and beginning something new. I’ve decided to focus on two projects, and these two projects only, until one of them is wrapped up. Then I’ll replace that one with a new one. Basically always having two projects going at once.

I’ve got one slightly more complex project. This one takes a little more focus. I can still knit and watch TV, but there’s a repeating stitch pattern that I can’t completely zone out on. This is going to be a short sleeve cropped-ish warm weather top. It’s a semi-lace design that needs a tank top worn under it. Long ribbed hem, allover lace, ribbed crew neck, dropped shoulders. I’m using a chainette ribbon yarn and size 9 needles.

The other project is my mindless shawl. It uses Lion Brand Chainette yarn. I’m a huge fan of this blend of 70% Baby Alpaca/18% Virgin Wool/12% Polyamide. It’s soooooo lofty. For the project I’m using Beige as my main color and Navy Blue and Mustard as the accents. (Almost like muted Fall versions of my blue, gold, & ivory wedding colors… I can’t escape!)

Lion Brand LBC® Collection Chainette Yarn

I’m actually pretty close to finishing this shawl project (currently dubbed “The Proposal”) if I can just stay focused on these two projects.

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