For the past two years I’ve had a full time day job, still within the yarn industry, but not involving working as a designer. It has meant many long hours of train commuting and a different perspective on what I want to create.

What I want to [primarily] make now are projects with repeats I can memorize, simpler shapes, simpler stitches (or large areas of the same all-over stitch). I’ve added in a lot of crochet, something I learned to do when I was about 9, but put it aside for a decade in favor of knitting. Crochet can be easier to maneuver on crowded trains.

In the past, when I was paying the bills purely off pattern and yarn sales, I focused my designing on more complex knits. Intricate fabrics of cables and lace that seemed worthy of paying to download. Designing these patterns was fun for me, especially on the canvas of a shawl or hat. However, not much of what I made suited my personal every day style to wear. Actually, I don’t have anything from those 8 years of designing except a couple hats.

My personal preference in knit and crochet pieces leans toward more basic shapes and simple stitches. It also works better for projects I can take with me for my commute. So now I’ve been looking at yarn and thinking, what do I want to wear in that?

I have more new handmade items in my wardrobe from the past year or so than I do from the 8 years prior. I’m loving designing simple pieces like the Avalon Tank (currently being tested) and the Port Jefferson Tank (sending to Pattern testers soon!). Pretty pieces that I’ll actually wear and use and offer up to you for free on my blog. Here and there and maybe in the future they’ll be some paid patterns. Who really knows what will happen down the road?

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Full time crazy cat lady and yarn addict. Part time designer, musician, & zumba instructor.