More yarn is probably the last thing I need. Well, it’s definitely the last thing I need. I have no space to put anything! However, I keep seeing this Darn Good Yarn monthly box around. And it’s only $10. Ummm….. I spend $10 a month on my Ipsy subscription and I’m in love with it. So why not treat myself to some monthly yarny goodness? I think I might have just convinced myself. It’s gross and gray and rainy out so it’s not taking much to get sold on some pretty colorful yarn. Haha!

Have any of you guys tried this particular box? Is it any good? Or do they just push their product around all social media really well? Kudos to them for showing up everywhere!

Monthly yarn subscription

The box is just so cheap that I’m having trouble imagining what kind of yarn you’d be getting. I’m curious though. And I found a 15% off your order coupon… I am my own enabler 😬

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