My Sunflower granny square went over so good on the Lion Brand blog that I decided to create a series! And next up is the Daisy Granny Square. You can find the round-by-round instructions live on the LB Notebook now.

Lion Brand basic stitch

To make this square I used Lion Brand Yarn’s new Basic Stitch Premium. It’s a 100% acrylic yarn that is a good basic (as the name implies) go-to worsted weight for projects that might see a lot of wear. Think afghans, pillows, garments, and accessories for the whole family. Easy to make, wear, wash, repeat. Lion Brand also created an anti-pilling version, which I haven’t tried using yet. That one is supposed to be ideal for garments as the fibers shouldn’t pill with wear and care.

I’m going to stick with using the Basic Stitch Premium yarn for the next few granny squares. My idea is that I can have a few different designs and put them together into a flower granny square sampler afghan. We’ll see. Sometimes my ideas are too ambitious for the reality of busy life. We can all relate, I’m sure.

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