I’m thinking of creating a community group on Facebook. This group is unlike a FB Page in that it is more centered on participation and creating a space where we can chat instead of simply viewing information and content I throw at you. It would also be a space where Fiddle Knits test Knits can run. And perhaps in the future even a mystery KAL! Yes, an MKAL. I have nothing going for that right now, but I do miss it. I’d run it as a free design and will not be dyeing the yarn. I would use something readily available that can be purchased through Webs or another online retailer.

Of all the things I’ve missed in the past year since I stepped back from designing it’s the MKALs. Partially the designing aspect of them and partially the excitement of everyone knitting them. So eventually I would like to get that back.

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Full time crazy cat lady and yarn addict. Part time designer, musician, & zumba instructor.