Before I started working at Lion Brand 3 years ago I didn’t use their yarn all that much. Occasionally I would use a skein of WETQ (Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®) here and there or maybe try something new on a rare trip to Michaels, but that was about it. I was much more wrapped up in the Indie dyers and LYS’s. Even so, I never considered myself a “yarn snob.” All yarn has its place and really who cares what type of yarn your fellow crafters choose to use?

Anyway, I never paid that much attention to Lion Brand. Now, obviously, I use their yarn all the time. Since I’m constantly surrounded by it not using it would be much harder. I don’t love all LB yarns, just like I don’t love all yarns by other companies. This still really isn’t my point though. My point is more about LB as a company.

We get to do fun things like get pedicures for a photoshoot of Mani-Pedi yarn.

For anyone that doesn’t know, LB is a family company. This means it’s always family first for their employees as well. There have been some rough patches in my personal life over these past 3 years and my LB work family has been amazing through it all. Right now Rick is in constant pain waiting for his jaw joints to be made and the concern of my work family at LB is genuine. They ask for updates on how he’s feeling, how I’m dealing, and if they can help. They, and especially my team of Marketing, Design, & Video, have been absolutely amazing to work with and for. I could keep going on, but instead of getting into details suffice it to say I love Lion Brand Yarn Company. Good people, good gig. <3

And now life has decided to throw another curveball at all of us with this Coronavirus. In this time of confusion, growing panic, and uncertainty I’m finding myself even more thankful to be working for such an understanding company that actually cares about its employees.

Enough on this for today. It’s the weekend and it’s time to stitch!

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