Lion Brand Mandala Ombre

Today I’m home from the office, but still “working,” if you can call playing with yarn work. I’ve been putting together blog posts for the Lion Brand blog on different subjects. Currently I’m playing with color. Sitting here with my crochet needle and 4 brightly colored skeins of the new Mandala® Ombre is brightening this soggy rainy day.

My crochet skills are functioning on autopilot as I’m battling bleary eyes, sore throat, and exhaustion. I realized the other day that I’ve known how to crochet for about 70% of my life. Whoa!

What I’m working on is this Shaded Ripple Blankie, which is a free pattern (from Lion Brand) using their original Mandala® yarn. Lots of people love, love, love this yarn. I never really got into it.

Yes, you can work for a company and not be in love with all the products. I mean heck, I had my own yarn dyeing business for years and I didn’t love all my own colors or yarn lines either. Haha.

Anyway, not a fangirl of Mandala®, but I am enjoying Mandala® Ombre. Like the original, it’s 100% acrylic, which means it’s machine wash and dry. It’s a little heavier than regular Mandala® (CYC4 vs CYC3) and it has a more substantial feel. The hand is almost like faux cotton. If that makes sense.

I’m alternating 2 rows of each Tranquil and Mantra. Once these yarn run out I will replace Tranquil with Happy and Harmony with Mantra. The end result will be a very colorful baby blankie. <3

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