When I first started knitting I was all about bulky and super bulky yarns. Almost instant gratification and super cozy. That’s when my knitting world consisted of me, old magazines, and the Michaels yarn aisle.

Above: The Dockside Cardigan

Soon I discovered Ravelry, podcasts, knitting groups, & my LYS (Local Yarn Shop). I left chunky yarns behind because the general vibe I got was that chunky yarns and boxy knits were “amateur.” Bulky = bad. At that point the craze (that I was exposed to) was all about fine yarns and intricacy. Socks and shawls prevailed using mostly hand dyed indie yarns. (I even got into the hand dyeing business myself for a few years as Fiddle Knits Fibers.)

When I started designing I began creating the complex lace and cable patterns that I was seeing and hearing about in my corner of the knitting world. And, as I talked about in my Design Simplicity post, the highly designed patterns were what brought in the pattern sales. Even so, I was still always drawn to the simple wearable shapes and snuggly solid or heathered yarns.

So here I am coming full circle. I love me a good chunky knit and am happily knitting away on several projects that are on US size 9 and above needles.

My sorta kinda main design focus at the moment is the Floral Park Cardigan. It uses Lion Brand Yarn Mako Cotton held doubled. It’s so squishy! I’m embracing simplicity. And chunky yarns and stitches. The name of the game is comfort these days and projects that I find relaxing after a long day.

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Full time crazy cat lady and yarn addict. Part time designer, musician, & zumba instructor.