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The Yarn Aisle

Let’s go to Michaels, I said. And he said sure. If that isn’t saying something I don’t know what is. ♥️

The boyfriend (Rick) mentioned he wants to learn to crochet. As you can see, we’ve started making moves on that one. Learn to crochet? Interest in yarn? This means being okay with my massive and ever enlarging yarn stash??! Ummm ok.

He has no idea what’s going on with that yarn and hook he’s holding. He’s cute though. I crocheted him the swatch and said here hold this and look pretty for a photo. He was confused. 😂

We’ll keep working in the crochet skills. And the more time he spends with me, the more he’s going to pick up on by osmosis. You can’t escape. It’s inevitable. I remember when I still lived home with my parents one day my dad spit out some yarn facts about CYC standard weights and it cracked me up. It’s happened with friends too. Really drives home just how obsessed with yarn crafting I am. Apparently I talk so much these guys are learning. But hey, everyone should knit or crochet, so it’s all good.

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Darn Good

More yarn is probably the last thing I need. Well, it’s definitely the last thing I need. I have no space to put anything! However, I keep seeing this Darn Good Yarn monthly box around. And it’s only $10. Ummm….. I spend $10 a month on my Ipsy subscription and I’m in love with it. So why not treat myself to some monthly yarny goodness? I think I might have just convinced myself. It’s gross and gray and rainy out so it’s not taking much to get sold on some pretty colorful yarn. Haha!

Have any of you guys tried this particular box? Is it any good? Or do they just push their product around all social media really well? Kudos to them for showing up everywhere!

Monthly yarn subscription

The box is just so cheap that I’m having trouble imagining what kind of yarn you’d be getting. I’m curious though. And I found a 15% off your order coupon… I am my own enabler 😬

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Little Things

The only way to make it through this thing called commuting is to be able to find calm, peace, beauty, and inspiration in little moments. Maybe it’s the early morning quiet while the train is still half asleep, the vivid sunrise out the window, rain gently beating the shell of the train car. Maybe it’s even the loud clamor and throngs of people. I admit, most of the time I’m too tired, rushed, or irritated to see any of it. Today was different. I woke up tired as always, but happy as I started my day reading messages accumulated overnight on my phone. It was snowing and freezing cold. The cats cried as they do when I left. I told them momma would be home later, be good, and out the door I went.

I have never been inside the waiting room of my train station. Usually there is no reason since it’s mere minutes before the train arrives. Today, however, I drove due to the evening’s impending downpour, so I was very early. Look how cute the waiting room is! I have no idea if that wood stove is ever on, but it definitely adds to the aesthetic! And there it was, the calm in the morning rush.

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Sheenagh Goes to VKL!

I went to Vogue Knitting Live for the first time ever today. I live on Long Island, yet somehow I’ve never been. Why?! Anyway, I’m so glad I went because I got to meet some of my very favorite yarn people. After 8 (or did we decide it’s 9….?) years of emailing and publishing designs with the Knit Picks team we finally met! Voices to the words on a computer screen. And I’m happy to say they’re all as lovely in person as they appear from online.

And a pleasant surprise. One of my designs was on display as a sample in the Knit Picks booth! The design is Sheenagh, a highly cabled ruana/poncho.

After the exhausting week I’ve had, end my Friday with this was amazing. I just wish I’d taken some selfies with the KP team and maybe one of me wearing my design. Oh well. Hindsight. I was too carried away in the enthusiasm of the moment.

Side note. I felt Wonderfluff yarn and it’s magical. I need me a sweater knit from the stuff. I imagine it’s like wearing a cloud. Ideas are already running through my head!