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Go-To Hat in Scarfie – Free Knitting Pattern

Lion Brand Scarfie

Lion Brand Yarn, Scarfie
312 yards, 150 grams, bulky weight
78% Acrylic, 22% Wool
Color: Black/Hot Pink

Adult: 18″ circumference
*Go down a needle size, or 2, to create a 16″ circumference for a tighter hat to keep your ears warmer. Looser is better for Spring and Fall to allow air circulation around the ears.

US size 9 (5.5 mm) 16″ circular and DPNs

22 sts = 4” 1×1 twisted ribbing

Stitch marker to note beginning of rnd
Yarn needle for weaving ends


The Pattern
Cast on 96
Ribbing: *k1, p1; rep from * to end of rnd.
Work ribbing for 1.5”

Rnd 1: Purl
Rnds 2-6: *p1, k1tbl; rep from * to end of rnd.
Rnd 7: Purl
Rnds 8-12: *k1tbl, p1; rep from * to end of rnd.
Work rnds 1-12 a total of 3 times, or as desired to length before beginning crown decreases.
Purl 1 rnd

Crown decreases
Change to DPNs when necessary
Rnd 1: *[p1, k1tbl] 7 times, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 2: *[p1, k1tbl] 7 times, k1; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 3: *[p1, k1tbl] 6 times, p1, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 4: *[p1, k1tbl] 6 times, p1, k1; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 5: *[p1, k1tbl] 6 times, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 6: *p12, k1; rep from * another 5 times
Rnd 7: *[k1tbl, p1] 5 Times, k1tbl, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 8: *[k1tbl, p1] 5 Times, k2tog; rep from *another 5 times.
Rnd 9: *[k1tbl, p1] 4 times, k1tbl, k2tog; rep from *another 5 times.
Rnd 10: *[k1tbl, p1] 4 times, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 11: *[k1tbl, p1] 3 times, k1tbl, k2tog; rep from *another 5 times.
Rnd 12: *p6, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 13: *[p1, k1tbl] twice, p1, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 14: *p1, k1tbl, p1, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 15: *p1, k1tbl, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 16: *p1, k2tog; rep from * another 5 times.
Rnd 17: k2tog 6 times – 6 sts remain.
Cut yarn and pull through remaining 6 sts.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


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Next Up: Stony Brook

I finished up the Oyster Bay shawl last week. The knitting is done, shawl is blocked, pattern is written. Just two more crucial things: photos and test knitting. (Interested in test knitting? Send me an email at: and I will sign you up to receive test knitting calls!)

I love the way this shawl turned out. It’s simple, but not boring. The Arab weight yarn knit up with a nice drape on US 10.5 needles. With an easy to memorize center panel and an easy texture to the body, the design made great travel knitting. So with it done I needed to replace my commuting project. That’s where the Stony Brook shawl comes in.

I wanted to create another pattern that was simple, but not plain. I had recently come across photos of my Aquamarine shawl and was inspired to do something similar.

Knit shawl pattern

For Stony Brook I plan on doing a garter stitch center and knitted on border as I did for Aquamarine. However, I’m doing a sweetheart shaping in the style of The Red Queen shawl.

Philosophers stone shawl

The combination of garter stitch center and knitted on cable and lace border makes for a great shawl. For me. I love designing the intricate patterns like Philosopher’s Stone or Bonnie’s Wish, but I also love simple pieces with interesting accents.

I also love, love, love the smooth buttery feel of Sugar Baby Alpaca. It’s a dream to work with! I would definitely work with it again. The only downside is that since it’s 100% alpaca there’s no natural elasticity. (Merino wool will always be my first and truest fiber love 😻)

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Future Designs

Designing, designing… I live for this. My brain never lets the designer in me turn off. It’s good and bad. I can’t make it all! I’m thinking of going back to my sample knitters/crocheters. When I had my design business in full swing I’d pay a handful of dependable crafters to whip up the samples for me. It meant more designs could go out, which is how I cracked over 330 published patterns on Ravelry! It’s about 9 years that I’ve been actively designing. The cliche that time flies really is accurate (as so many cliches are).

I spent the weekend working on a crocheted shawl in a yarn I can’t talk about. I’m on a kick of combining yarns, and this one is yet another that fits that bill. The yarns are about a DK/worsted. One is a solid and the other is a multi. A rag type maybe? I paired them accidentally. Both yarns happened to land on my desk at the same time with separate intentions. But once they met I knew they were meant to be. Soul mates! You’ll have to wait until about mid-April before you know what I’m talking about, though. 😬

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Weave and Spin

I was intrigued by Lion Brand’s Jumbo Alpaca as soon as I saw it. It comes in a hank of 62 yards. It’s gigantic and soft and kind of bizarre looking and I like things that are a little weird.

Jumbo alpaca

I worked on the knit Statement Scarf first and then set out to create a crochet design. I grabbed a jumbo hook and got going. After not even two full rows I realized I wasn’t going to be happy with the outcome. It was just way to chunky and messy for me.

So if it’s too bulky to crochet, but I needed to crochet, what was left to do? That’s when I pulled out WoolSpun (have a mentioned I love this yarn?) and started in on a mesh stitch to weave the Jumbo Alpaca through.

At first I wasn’t sure. It still looked like it might be messy. However, I learned a long time ago that some art (and crafts) look like total garbage in the process and amazing at the end. Actually, some of the best things look the worst in progress. I’ve learned the lesson, but it’s still a hard one to remember.

If you catch this post before February 8, 2018 then you can get the Weave and Spin crochet kit (2 balls of Woolspun, 1 hank Jumbo Alpaca, pattern PDF) on the Lion Brand website for 25% off. Currently the kit is the only way to get the pattern.

I had perhaps just as much fun modeling this one as I did designing it. Usually you all see my sister in design photos and I’m behind the camera. I switched it up this time tho! I’m not a very practiced model. Annalee was yelling at me the whole time that I was either moving too much or not enough. Haha 😆 You can tell we had some fun though!

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Make a Statement

I knew I wanted to knit this scarf the moment I saw the yarn. The texture and color and idea all made perfect sense together. Jumbo Alpaca is so soft you can pretty much curl up in it and be happy and sleepy and comfortable forever.

And the pompoms in this stuff! Oooo la la! 😍 They’re everybody’s favorite part.

Jumbo Alpaca has a somewhat rustic feel to it. I’m not sure how to even explain the texture. A ladder? It’s not a regular plied yarn and it’s not a single. It’s mostly natural fibers (43% baby alpaca and 43% wool) with 14% polyamide in there holding the fiber fluff together.

As you can see the scarf, which I named the Statement Scarf (because hello, you’re gonna get noticed!) is available in as a kit (2 skeins if Jumbo Alpaca in the color of your choice and pattern). This, along with Weave and Spin, are my first designs published with Lion Brand.

Easy knit scarf kit

For reference, I am 5’6″ so this is one loooooong scarf!

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Done and loaded! Pattern #10 from In Rhythm was released on Ravelry.

Montgomery is knit in Brava Sport from Knit Picks on US size 4 needles. Although it is a fairly heavily patterned design I found that it moved relatively quickly off my needles. That happens for me sometimes. Basic patterns seem to drag because of the monotony, but more complex designs move fast because I want to see what comes next.

This design was named for the song Angel from Montgomery after someone mentioned to me that the pattern panel looked like a snow angel. Completely an accident, but I’ll take it.


There are 2 more designs coming from the In Rhythm collection. One is a multicolored striping thing using Knit Picks Swish DK and the other uses City Tweed Aran. Stay tuned! I’ll get them up as soon as I can.