Every year I think I’m going to start crafting for the holidays nice and early. And every year November comes and I haven’t started a single gift. (I think maybe there was one year this statement wasn’t true.) This year is no exception. It’s November and I decided I was going to make something for at least my mom and dad. Start with the most deserving, right? (Although my dad told me years ago, “no more knit shit.” Ha!)

I decided to start with a blanket for my dad. I wasn’t quite sure what to choose for him, especially remembering the “knit shit” comment (I think that was really aimed at my ill fitting beginner attempts at sweaters, though). Every year I make him a crazy hat. He loves them, but that was getting boring. After hearing him comment on liking this chunky striped blanket in a Lion Brand email I decided the blanket was my choice.

I didn’t have any real plan going in. I chose some colors of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick and went for it. The classic chevron-type ripple seems like a good idea. Now we’ll see where the crochet takes me. And then there’s the really big question of will I finish in time?!

Kaya is quality control. She’s working hard to test out the blanket and make sure it’s up to standards. It’s a rough job, but some kitty has to do it!

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