We had to postpone our wedding date. Rick is having bilateral temporomandibular joint replacement this summer and we decided it was best to give him more time to recover. So now the wedding is December 11, 2020.

For some reason having these extra 3 months of time has given me the urge to craft for the Big Day. Maybe because it’s now in the most wonderful time of the year, aka it’s likely to be pretty cold. And that makes me think of yarn crafts more than September did. We should have around 16 tables for the reception. Our centerpieces featured faux leather vintage style books that will be topped with flowers and draped in pearls. For my first trick I decided to crochet doilies to go under the books using Lion Brand’s Merino Silk Cotton yarn in Ecru. Anyone out there a gambler? Want to place bets on whether I finish all 16 before December? Hahahaha. I think it’s manageable….

Has anyone out there knit or crocheted for a wedding? Your own or someone else’s. What did you make?

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