It’s been a little while since my last post. I haven’t stopped knitting and designing, but life went a little sideways. As it does from time to time.

Remember that sweater I made the boyfriend and said wasn’t cursed? Back peddle. It must have been. We broke up almost simultaneously as I gave it to him. It’s still his sweater, though, so he kept it. Which I wanted him to do. He actually sent me a photo of himself wearing it a few days ago.

I haven’t really wanted to go back and finish writing the pattern now, though. I know I should, but…. It’s really so close to done. I think all that’s left I need to size is the sleeves. Maybe I can get it written and tested and out for next Fall.

In The Meantime. . .

I began a new design in Lion Brand’s new Fifty Fifty yarn and decided to dedicate it to the moment calling it “Love Gone Sideways.” It’s a sideways knit throw, so the name has double meaning.

It’s a little unseasonal to be working with this yarn, but what the heck. It was only recently released, so it has that newness appeal. Plus it’s a super bulky, so projects work up fast. Since the yarn is pricey I elected to not make one of my famously large blankets (I seem to aim for baby blankie and end up with a California King…). It’s hard to tell exactly how large the throw will be since it’s currently jammed on to a circular needle that could use to be longer. However, I’m already on the decreasing side of the throw so I should find out soon.

Kaya is a HUGE fan of this yarn. It’s nearly impossible to keep her away any time I take the project out to work. She’s not always quite sis insistent. Even Deetz is interested. I think it’s the 50% alpaca. I’ve noticed the cats are drawn more to that than other fibers. Yesterday they were arguing with each other over who could cuddle up in the bag with the throw WIP.

I’ll be releasing this as a free pattern here on the blog once I’m finished and have photos. (Photos being the hard part as far as blankets and I are concerned.) Whenever that may be and however unseasonably appropriate it may be. I mean seriously, I personally knit anything all year anyway. In summer there’s the AC to keep me cool enough while I stitch.

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