I tend to pick pretty basic yarns as my favorites. Even though I used to hand dye yarn as a business I gravitate toward solids and semi solids. Every once in a while, though, I find a multi and the vibe is right. Lion Brand’s Stitchbird yarn is one of those yarns.

I only even tried the yarn because I needed to take some pics for a recent promotion. Turns out I like it. Who knew?

I’m knitting a simple sideways blanket in two colors: Seagull and Sparrow

I’m loving these two colors because there’s some crossover color between the two shades. I decided to work through one entire cake and then begin the next. The blueish color in both cakes makes it almost seem like it’s one continuous cake I stead of two. This project is yet another that’s proves to me how much I love simplicity in design. (When the time is right 😉 )

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