I’m not shy about telling people I don’t love cotton yarns. They usually feel “stringy” to me and hurt my wrists due to the lack of elasticity. I feel like I have to tug on the yarn to keep my gauge. Not a relaxing knitting experience. (I have less issue with cotton and crochet.) However, I recently found a cotton I love! And now I’m slightly obsessed with.

This new yarn is Mako Cotton, part of Lion Brand’s LB Collection®. It’s 94% mako cotton & 6% nylon. I’d never heard of mako cotton before, and I still really don’t know what it is. What I do know is it’s soft, but it didn’t really impress me in the ball. Once I started knitting, however, I changed my opinion.

The yarn has a chainette construction and fine halo. There are 126 yards per 50 gram ball.

Mako Cotton has lovely stitch definition. I’m designing a few things with this yarn. (Serious castonitis!)

One design I’m working on is a casual, oversized Spring-thru-Fall cardi using 2×2 ribbing, garter, and stockinette. I keep stopping to pet it. These simple stitches look amazing. I can’t wait to see the finished piece, which I would get to see faster if I wasn’t as into staring at the stitches. #processknitter

Lion Brand Mako Cotton
The back of my cardi design

The next Mako Cotton project I started is a cropped tank. I went for bold red for this design. It’s very close to being done. A good solid afternoon of knitting and I’d be good to go. Of course I’m far too distracted by all my other WIPs to concentrate long enough to finish in one sitting. I need to drag out my focus and discipline and wrap this up already. And then find out if I’m daring enough to wear a bright red cropped sweater tank.

The last Mako Cotton design I cast on is a two-color shawl. I chose black and white and have been calling it “Cruella,” as in 101 Dalmatians. Since this is the newest WIP it’s been getting most of my attention. Also I have this very unrealistic goal of wearing it to an event this coming weekend. A girl can dream, but I’d probably need to sacrifice some sleep time. If I succeed there will be photos. And if I don’t there will also be photos, just at a later date. 😂

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